See it in your mind's eye run it through your feelings, emotions and beliefs and radiate your Heart power

 Your Soul knows the truth of who you are.  Your soul does not know the fear that your body lives in because it knows no end to it's existance, it knows no death.   Your soul has a multidimensional view of time.  It looks back and sees itself in many roles, in many settings.  It sees choices made in the past ripple through a curved space-time reality and sees the consequences of those choices lived out minutes or lifetimes later.  It looks forward to the future and sees that we collectively create and build future pathways through our choices and intentions.  The choices that we make in our thinking and especially those that result in action move us from pathway to pathway.  We replace every cell in our body in a year, well 94%, the rest is really strong tissue that only needs to be replaced every four years, like the Heart muscle.  So if a one year old and a one hundred and one year old have the same age cells why do they look so different.  Our cells store information, muscle memory to aid dexterity and motor skill and to protect itself.  If you experience a trauma like you stubb your toe or bump your head.  It is stored as a limitation in our cells making them less flexiable (aging), it just wants to prevent it happening again, it records time of day, where you are on the planet, what season it is, any precipitation and then warns you with a headache or nausia or a racing heart, if too many of these circumstances are met.  It is like inflamation in a joint, it felt vunerable and was overextended out of range of movement, trauma, so it tries to restrict movement, put a limitation on that happening again.  So be gentle on your body allow it time to process and release all traumas and return to innocence,  these traumas can be cleared and released through yoga, Holistic Massage, Chi Kung or Access Consciousness bars. Leaving you feeling youger and happier.

About Us

We have all felt a little down, a little low, a little negative, Imagine a space where you could go and just flip the switch.  A place to release all pain and suffering, attachment and limitation.  That place is your inner sanctuary.  Come find out more about tools to assist you in this space. Our mission is to help you empty your mind of all the thoughts that do not serve you and help you regain your flow of energy and abundance.  Clear past rythmns that cause you suffering and dissapointment and create directives to allow transformation in every aspect of your life

About Michael

Michael Lewis is a Chi Kung Instructor and practices Energy Massage using  Swedish, shiatsu, aromatherapy, osteopathic manipulation and Chinese repositioning of the spine techniques. He also facilitates Access Consciousnes


We do events, workshops and classes to assist in the unfoldment of your creative potential, creating abundance in your life

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Our Programs

Enter the Sanctuary of your inner stillness.  Find the strength and tools to realize your dream.  Try Meditation, Chi Kung, Access Consciousness Bars, holistic  and deep tissue massage


"I feel empowered to transform my life." -- Jason, Joburg

"I respond from my truth in difficult situations." --Heather, Joburg